Turn Healthcare Data Into Revenue

Harness the power of your medical registry, and deliver better patient outcomes.

Data Exchange

We actively connect data buyers and data sellers into one harmonious de-identified medical registry exchange.

Registry Software

Our interoperable software extracts siloed data, and runs it through a de-identification process resulting in a sellable data structure.

Patient App

Our patient facing application takes your newly structured data and makes it accessible to patients right from their smartphone.

New Revenue, No Overhead

Join our healthcare data exchange with no overhead costs. Easily list current or retrospective data registries on THEM. Regardless of the size of your organization you can create an entirely new revenue stream once you start selling data. We only succeed when you do which is why we are committed to no upfront costs for our sellers.

Medical Image

The Healthcare Data Economy
Why We Are Here?

Data is the new fuel of industry and healthcare is no exception. The future success of the healthcare industry depends on harnessing the right medical registries. But less than 10% of all registries actually gets utilized. Data is siloed, centralized, and access is cost-prohibitive.

That’s why we created a user-friendly virtual marketplace to connect buyers and sellers from all sectors of healthcare into one central hub – or as we like to call it – a global medical registry bank.

The Data Marketplace

The Health Exchange Market is where buyers and sellers come to meet. We’re getting useful medical registries into the hands of those who need it by any means necessary.

With user-friendly operation, access to a constantly growing registry network, and a no-overhead revenue stream, what are you waiting for?